& benefits for your Laboratory


The use of "Continuum Design Technology"* will provide your lab with state-of-the-art registered technology to improve optical lens definition by eliminating the interpolations required on its design. By means of CDT your lens are 4K HD (4 times more optical definition than other premium lenses).

(*) “Continuum Design Technology” is the core technology of dozens of other built-in lens innovative technologies that turn them into the most advanced lenses on the market.



While global brands offer second quality technologies to independent Labs (in comparison to the ones applied to their own lenses) and share with their customers a minor market segment.

NOVAR offers you state-of-the-art technology to enable your lab to compete as equals and to do business with the most renowned optical stores of your market.


NOVAR has the most comprehensive lens portfolio for its customers: single vision, occupationals, progressive lenses and specialties to improve your trade performance.

See comprehensive Lens Design Brochure

SCIENTISTS in active contact

NOVAR is the only company that puts its scientific team at your disposal for having direct contact in case of requiring any kind of technical assistance or training.

What seemed impossible (due to lack of scientific resources, technical capacity and investment) is now a reality since your lab will be actively supported by Novar-tech's R+D division (see Staff in order to stand out from competitors and achieve commercial growth.


Only those companies in active contact with a R+D team will be the ones with the capacity to innovate and constantly create technology. Consequently, your Lab will launch technology in the future that will turn you into market leaders.


Comprehensive MKT program (Advertising, Videos & advertising campaigns) to achieve independence from multinational corporations which undermine your market and profitability.


Click Fee, Flat Fee & Commercial versatility to grow due to low costs.

NOVAR maintains your lab's profitability and allows you to amortize the cost of considerable investments in Freeform equipment.


It is impossible to compete with any local Lab if you use the same lens technology. CDT, 4K & a comprehensive lens portfolio supply your lab with the most sophisticated technology, essential to stand out in the market. Make the difference. Be the best.


DIGITAL CENTER makes visible the most sophisticated technology involved in the manufacturing process (Freeform Lens Designer) to take it to the point of sale by means of augmented reality. Thus, by using the free MKT tools available, your lab will be closer to lens wearers to help them in the decision-making process. KNOW MORE